If there’s anything that represents the purity and good of this world, it’s a Golden Retriever puppy. If you’ve ever seen Golden Retriever puppies, you are already familiar with the warm fuzzies they provoke. Golden Retrievers are somehow both majestic and completely silly; they’re simultaneously big ol’ goofballs and compassionate listeners.

If you’ve decided that a Golden Retriever puppy is right for your family — which, let’s face it, there are few reasons as to why they wouldn’t be right for you — here are some things to expect once you adopt that fluffy ball of energy and slobbery kisses.

They’re like a natural anti-depressant

Golden Retriever puppy eyes have some sort of magic about them. One look and an instant calm will probably wash over you. Stress simply melts away. Why? Because Golden Retrievers are notoriously loyal and obedient and form very strong bonds with their human “pack.” As a loyal part of your pack, your Golden pup will be beaming nothin’ but contagious joy from their soulful and loving eyes.

It’s no wonder so many Golden pups grow up to be such amazing therapy dogs.

They make your Instagram game so strong

Golden Retriever climbing on bench
(Photo Credit: Mica Ringo / Getty Images)

You’re probably a good-looking person, but there’s no question that an Instagram photo of your Golden Retriever pup in a pair of old glasses will get more likes than all of your selfies combined. They can look silly with their big goofy grins. Or they can look stoic and wise beyond their years with their striking, deep brown eyes.

As a puppy, your Golden will go from an adorable fluffball to a puppy tween who has limbs and paws that don’t seem to match the rest of their torso. A Golden Retriever puppy’s front legs may even look shorter than their hind legs from age 5 months to 1 year, which will only add to the “Awwww!” sensation every photo will elicit.

If you’re planning on getting a Golden pup in the near future, consider upgrading your phone storage for the copious amounts of photos you will be taking. #CutenessOverload

Everything they do is adorable

Just watching your pup go from an adorable average of 10 pounds right when you get them at 8 weeks old to a sizable 70 pounds at the year mark is cuter than anything you can imagine. (Except for going to the bathroom outside — that’s adorable.) So is sitting when they’re told. Or falling asleep in your lap.

Maybe “accidentally” taking all of the toilet paper off the roll is the cutest. Or busting your pup discreetly chewing on your brand new pair of sneakers in their new closet lair is the cutest. There are too many cute things!

Everything will be adorable and glee-inducing if done by a Golden Retriever pup — even the behaviors that, by all logic, should annoy you to no end.

They tend to get along with everyone

Golden Retriever puppy on the grass
(Photo Credit: Zoom Pet Photography / Getty Images)

Goldens have great dispositions and get along with just about everybody. This is a good thing because a puppy this adorable is definitely going to be a popular one. Golden Retriever puppies make friends with kids, adults, and other animals while keeping their trademark smiles on their faces.

They are so friendly, in fact, that they may not be the best bet when looking for guard dogs. A Golden will usually greet any stranger, including during a break-in, with a welcoming smile on their face.

But they will love you best

Again, the loyalty of a Golden Retriever pup cannot be stressed enough; it is strong.

Golden Retriever puppies are some of the most popular dogs in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. At the end of the day, your athletic, big-pawed, adventurous, silly, and loving Golden pup will only have eyes for you.

Remember, you can find just about any breed of dog you are looking for at a shelter or rescue.

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