A 57-year-old man from Revere, Massachusetts, allegedly stabbed his dog to death. According to 10 Boston, police discovered Don Algeni in his apartment with the dog, who had multiple stab wounds.

Police find dog with multiple stab wounds

In the early morning of Aug. 30, someone called Revere police to a Lowell Street apartment for medical reasons. Around 1 a.m., officers arrived and found Algeni in bed. He had blood on his arms and was screaming. Allegedly, he pleaded with the police and asked them to kill him, according to the news outlet.

Next to the bed was Algeni’s dog. The pup had “at least” five stab wounds.

According to a press release from the district attorney’s office, “A slash wound to the dog’s neck was so deep his head was almost severed.”

Algeni lost consciousness. An ambulance transported him to hospital. He survived. The dog did not.

Man charged with dog murder

“This is a tragic and terrifying situation for everyone involved, including the first responders,” Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden.

He continued: “Sadly, a defenseless animal was brutally attacked and killed. It’s yet another example of how unpredictable 911 calls can be and an example of responders handling their responsibilities with care and restraint.”

Algeni appeared in Chelsea District Court last week. According to 10 Boston, he was arraigned on charges of animal cruelty, malicious killing or injury to a domestic animal, and assault and battery on a family or household member.

A female roommate told police that prior to the dog murder, Algeni behaved in a threatening way towards her. He allegedly swore, “I’m going out and I’m not going out alone.”

Authorities discovered swords and knives in the apartment, including a bloody 12-inch Bowie knife. It is unclear if Algeni used the Bowie knife to stab the dog.

For now, Judge Kareem Morgan ruled that Algeni be held without bail. A dangerousness hearing is pending.

If you suspect animal abuse, it is crucial to report it to the authorities. Also, be on the lookout for signs of a neglected dog. Together, we can help save animals from tragic situations like this one.

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