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Cat love in short form: miniature, reader-submitted cat stories of no more than 100 words.


In August 2012, I encountered a skinny, dirty, but friendly female street cat. No indication she belonged to anyone, I took her in. A month later, suddenly, she became very big—too big to be overweight. My suspicions were confirmed when she laid on my stomach one night and I felt small “bumps” against my hands. Pregnant! The birth went smoothly, and all three kittens were healthy. Though not expecting to have to take care of not one, but four cats, I couldn’t help but fall in love. Please meet Sphynx and the minions, Emery, Hobo, and Phineas. —Danielle Yardeni


On a very warm night, I slid the small window over my bed open. My cat, Ninja, decided to stand on my head to look out. I startled him. He leapt out the window. I panicked. Dressing, turning on every light, and calling his name, I anticipated a long search for my lost indoor cat. Imagining all kinds of horrors as I opened the door, Ninja dashed by me with the attitude, “Why did you throw me out the window?” —Roberta Kerr

Waffles For Breakfast

In 2019, I trapped a six-month-old kitten. The kitten, while terrified, seemed sweet, so my spouse and I decided that we could probably tame her. We named her Waffles and quickly discovered that she was NOT interested in us. She’s able to hide in the craziest places. This year, however, she’s decided to join our other cats for breakfast. She meows and allows me to pet her while she eats. We’ve instituted daily “Waffles Updates,” in which we discuss our interactions with her. She’ll always be our most nervous baby, but we’re so proud of how far she’s come! —Kelsey A. Kemp

Precious Little One

Our little cat was turned in to the pound down south, as she has no back feet. A rescuer met her and brought her north and asked us to foster. Well, we fell so utterly in love with this angel, there was no way she was going back into the world! She runs, jumps, plays, has no idea she is “challenged.” She is so good natured, and she puts a smile on my face every time I see her. We named her Myfanwy (mih-fon-wee) which means “precious little one” in Welsh! She lives up to the name! —Laurelei Baker

Henry the Lost Cat Finder

When an indoor-only cat slips out, the local rescues know who to call. Henry the tuxedo cat has a special talent: he tracks the scent of lost cats to find their hiding place and reunite them with their owner. Henry follows the trail of the escapee and unlike a dog, he can walk right up to the hiding kitty and sniff noses.

Families are reunited and Henry gets love and treats for a job well done. Many lost and frightened kitties are home thanks to Henry the Lost Cat Finder. Henry is truly a Modern Cat ahead of his time. —Kim Freeman

Photo Keith Baird

Support Cat

According to law, cats cannot be Service Animals, only Emotional Support Animals. Seiji was far more. He would greet me at my car if I came home after dark so he could walk between me and the ditch. I fell in it twice before he chose that job. He’d come when I walked the dog—no leash, just walking beside me as if he was teaching the dog how to do it. He guarded my chicken coop. If the girls made a noise after dark, he was out the door to save them! He was definitely one of a kind.
—Donna M. Capdevielle

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