A U.S. Navy sailor recently returned from her fourth deployment in the Middle East. While Sailor Joy was tasked with protecting her people, she found herself caring for a helpless little puppy called Koda along with way. Now that Joy’s back home from the turbulent area, she’s worried about the dog and wants to bring the pup home.

How the Navy Sailor Joy met Koda

During one of her night shifts, the sailor came across a litter of seemingly vulnerable puppies. She began caring for the pups, but unfortunately, not all survived.

In fact, Koda was the only one who did. Joy was anxious about leaving the little girl alone, however, she had to head home to Jacksonville, Florida. As per USA Wire, the U.S. Navy sailor contacted Paws of War to see if the organization could help reunite her with the pup.

The organization came into being in 2014. Since then, it has helped rescue over 600 dogs and cats. Its mission is to support veterans, military members, and first responders as they rescue and train service dogs. The group also helps rescue overseas animals stuck in war zones.

Robert Misseri, the co-founder of the organization, stated that if the dog is left in the Middle East, “there is a good chance Koda will be shot like the others.” Paws of War and U.S. Navy Sailor Joy are doing everything possible to help get the puppy to America.

However, getting the Middle Eastern dog to the United States isn’t going to be an easy task. It will require “planning, time, patience, and funding.” People willing to help reunite Koda and U.S. Navy Sailor Joy can visit Paws of Wars’ website, where they have started a fundraiser for the cause.

The website also has several other animals that are up for adoption. Interested parties are required to fill out forms best describing the kind of four-legged friend they are looking for.

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