Akita puppies — originating from Japan — are a lovable and highly attractive breed that will surely steal your heart at first sight. With their plump bodies, fluffy coats, and endearing facial expressions, these little canines have all it takes to become the perfect family companions. Despite their small size as puppies, they grow into large and muscular dogs who require diligent training from an early age.

As adorable as they are, Akita puppies demand immense care and love — but their affable and enduring charm makes all the effort worthwhile. Below, we’ll explore five amusing and unique facts about Akita puppies. Then, we will share some cute photos that will make you fall in love with these charming little fluff balls. Whether you’re considering adding an American Akita puppy to your family or you’re just here for your daily dose of cuteness, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy learning more about these remarkable dogs!

They have a rich history

Four Akita puppies
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Named after the Akita region in northern Japan, these puppies are considered a national treasure and symbol of good health in their home country. The breed itself is considered to be one of the oldest in the world, with its roots tracing back several hundred years. Traditionally, Akitas were used as hunting dogs by Japanese royalty and nobility. Known for their courage, these puppies have historically been tasked with tracking large game — including boars, deer, and even bears. This rich history contributes significantly to their strong, noble personality traits.

They grow to be large dogs

Close up of a growing Akita puppy with a black face.
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Akita puppies may appear small and adorable, but don’t be fooled by their size! A full-grown Akita can be quite large. Males often reach a height of about 26 to 28 inches. On the other hand, females typically reach a height of 24 to 26 inches. In terms of weight, Akitas are equally robust, often weighing between 70 and 130 pounds once they have fully matured. As such, you must ensure that you have enough space for the growth and energy level of these large breed canines if you want to bring home an Akita puppy.

They need consistent exercise

Red and white Akita puppy in a field.
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Like any puppy, Akita puppies are energetic and need regular exercise. Due to their working dog heritage, they require physical stimulation and plenty of space to move around. They will enjoy and benefit from consistent walks, playtime, and even some high-intensity exercises as they mature. Without adequate exercise, an Akita may become bored and potentially destructive. Avoid any unnecessary messes by giving these pups the attention they deserve.

They require careful training and socialization

Young American Akita with white background.
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While Akitas are highly intelligent dogs, their strong-willed nature makes them require consistent, positive reinforcement training from an early age. Proper socialization is key to raising a well-behaved Akita with a balanced temperament. It is important to expose these pups to a wide range of people, environments, and situations to build their confidence. Due to their protective instincts, Akitas who are not properly socialized may exhibit territorial behavior.

They have a long lifespan

An Akita puppy in the park.
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For a large breed dog, these pups grow up to have a notably long lifespan. The average life expectancy of an Akita is between 10 to 15 years, although with proper care, they can sometimes live even longer. Their longevity can be credited to their overall sturdy health. However, they are known to be susceptible to certain genetic conditions like hip dysplasia and autoimmune disorders. As such, regular vet check-ups are necessary to maintain their health and catch potential issues early on.

Adopt, don’t shop for Akita puppies

Akita puppies are much more than just adorable fluffs of fur. They are loyal, intelligent, and brave dogs who are brimming with personality. Despite their challenging nature and the need for constant training, their unwavering loyalty and love towards their family make them worth every effort. They can be both your protector and best friend, embodying qualities that truly make them one of a kind in the canine world!

If you wish to bring home this gentle giant, consider adopting instead of shopping for one of these purebred pups. Some shelters are specifically dedicated to helping Akitas find loving homes. For more information on the breed, visit our Akita dog breed page for everything you need to know about grooming, dietary needs, and temperament, as well as details on local rescue groups.

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