Molly, an Iowa dog that had been missing for over four months, was finally reunited with her owners, Randy and Cynthia Ruth. The Golden Retriever disappeared on June 15 in Anita, after bolting out of an open door at her groomer’s. Rose Shoemaker of Spitfire Farms was responsible for the dog at the time.

Despite several sightings since her disappearance, Molly had mostly remained elusive, according to KCCI Des Moines. That is, until a chance encounter led to her discovery on a combine over the past weekend.

Dog discovered on nearby farm before returning home

Randy Ruth recounted the heart-stopping moment when a farm worker spotted Molly on a combine. In his words, the laborer had “actually pushed her a little bit with the corn head and didn’t realize it until she jumped up and she walked in front of him.”

The Ruths, who had feared the worst during their beloved Golden Retriever’s absence, expressed relief at her safe return. In addition, they emphasized their lack of ill will toward Shoemaker. 

Shoemaker, on her part, described Molly’s recovery as the highlight of her year. What’s more, she emphasized the need for enhanced safety measures at the facility. “It’s the worst nightmare of any dog groomer,” she affirmed. 

According to local reporting, Molly — who was found uncollared but microchipped — had lost roughly 40 pounds during her time away. The reasons behind this weight loss are not currently known. However, there are promising signs which suggest the dog is in good health. 

Missing dogs are pet parents’ worst nightmare

The reunion of Randy and Cynthia with their furry friend underscores the distressing reality of lost pets. 

Molly is not the only pooch with a penchant to go on solo adventures. Around a month before Molly’s recovery, a 10-year-old Basset Hound named Hannah had gone missing in a cornfield in Ontario, Canada. While initially unperturbed about her canine companion’s absence, Hannah’s owner, Ruth Vanderlaan, grew worried as the night wore on. Thankfully, she managed to save her dog from a creek on her property before the dog was badly harmed.

The stories of Molly and Hannah emphasize the need for proper supervision, especially if you are caring for a pet who tends to wander. Molly’s groomer, Shoemaker, ascertains this, stating that her “door shall never be left open under any circumstances” going forward.

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