A newlywed couple returned home to find their dog fatally shot, KCTV News reported. 

Carrie Helstern and Micah Fouquet, a Kansas City-based couple, want answers after discovering their dog, Rory, in a pool of blood. The canine’s injuries were sustained following an apparent gunshot wound.

The newlyweds are hoping the KCK Police Department finds whoever shot their 3-year-old Lab-Shepherd mix dog, who died at the vet. At this time, the grieving couple believes the shooting may have been random, not targeted, as their other two dogs weren’t harmed. Moreover, no bullet holes were found on the property.

Couple speaks out after finding their Lab-Shepherd dog shot

What seemed like a normal Saturday for newlyweds Helstern and Fouquet turned into one they will never forget. 

On that day, the couple — who live in the Riverview Acres Neighborhood of Kansas City — got home at around 5 p.m. At which point, they found their German Sheprador — or a Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd Dog mix — bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound. It appeared Rory had been shot moments before the couple arrived. 

“Where the pile of blood is [is] where we found her,” a heartbroken Helstern shared. Continuing, she added, “it was right below our kitchen window.”

The couple immediately went into rescue mode, doing everything possible to stop the bleeding. After that, they proceeded to rush Rory to the vet, where she was stabilized.

Since the dog was severely wounded, the vet determined the canine would need to undergo multiple surgeries. More bad news followed when the veterinarian informed the newlyweds of Rory’s chances of survival. Unfortunately, the likelihood of Rory coming out of the experience alive was minimal. At this point, Helstern and Fouquet made the difficult decision to put their beloved canine down.

The couple was deeply saddened by the random nature of the gunshot that took Rory’s life. They described her as a calm dog who “had never shown any violent tendencies towards a person.”

Commenting further on the stray bullet, Helstern stated, “It could have been a child, it could have been an adult.” She continued, “it could have come through our kitchen window into our house — where you obviously think that you’re safe.”

Couple, neighbors question their safety after random act of violence

Helstern and Fouquet are demanding justice for their dog’s senseless shooting

“We want justice for our dog,” Helstern told KCTV News. However, the newlywed added that she and her husband were trying to come to terms with the reality that it may never happen. Concerned about the incident as a whole, Helstern said, “it just leaves you thinking about just the safety of the neighborhood.”

Many residents of the Riverview Acres neighborhood feel similarly. Neighbors noted that the frequency of gunfire they have heard in the area has increased over recent years.

Responding to these concerns, Kansas City’s police department urged residents to report any sounds of gunfire immediately. Authorities contend that prompt reporting will help kick-start investigations sooner rather than later. 

In Rory’s case, several neighbors confessed to having heard the shot fired. Despite this, nobody contacted the police. 

Furthermore, as of now, KCK Police have yet to arrest any suspects in connection with the death of the dog.

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